Fodder frost and icicles hang
A quaking clang, a quiet line
Calm girl
Contemplate girl
Quivering little girl

Symphony of snowflakes grow
Parchment of Perrier ice
A tire crunch
Piano melancholy and carpeted feelings
Faces. Her lower lip.

Egg-shell walking and whisper-talking
Not to ignite
White room on white room
Stained glass past
Forest outside and bleary blurry lines

Sham-shelter and sweltering
Shadow. Soldier scolds her
Run girl
A thrum-heart girl
Igniting little               girl

Lean-to trees
Imagine, frieze, flakes of gaping hurts
When Mom cries we —
Her cheek bitten raw.

A cornfield maze a mud-hill
Mountain a frosted snow sighs
A house on Rachlin Drive
Shoes slipped on a roam-girl a
Front door blown open by their own

Quivering little girl.


Painting by Wassily Kandinsky, “Winter Landscape”, 1909

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