Lackadaisical Girl

A scoop grazed across an ice cream jug
A girl dragging herself
From sleep.
Chocolate foxes cackle, spectators in
Her losing battle
She’ll smush herself into a waffle cone, eventually
Waddle into sunshine.
Melty sweet she’s a milky kiss
An everyday summer tongue graze.

Buried in blankets all morning
Are your dreams some libertine?
Doesn’t sleeping so much make you sick?
I know the nighttime can feel like a jug of pink
Lemonade when your tongue is dry and sugar-coated.
You crave alone the way the fat kid craves
The mint chocolate chip
The way other people crave company.

That lackadaisical girl she
Wanders the town in the dark
It’s like an ant farm emptied of
Patrons. All tunnels
No chatter.
At dusk she’s marveling at trifles
In the woods, chock-full of fireflies.
So lazy!
Crushing on those curiosities
Instead of pouring herself
Scooping herself
For us hungry ice cream eaters.



Artwork by Kelia Anne Maccluskey

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