bell hooks

bell hooks

my feminism –
now don’t be scared by that
word, boy
no pussies allowed

already clicked away?
no matter. bitches like me
been shouting into voids
for damn centuries. they invented
flight, and burned
witches all in the meantime.
time didn’t wait and neither will i.

what is my feminism?
well it ain’t damn
yours, that’s
for sure. my feminism
is a big fat long
i’m still learning to set up –
see, it’s catching the light
see, the kaleidoscope
see, for god’s sake you won’t
go blind.
i’ve learnt my way around
cuts and edges quickly.
this thing is so beautiful already,
look at it, just
fucking look at it.

what is my feminism?
it’s pickle-soaked in white light
but one day i tell you, it’s gonna bleed
all the colors at the same time.
we’ll see shapes of every kind
the magical miracle
things taking flight.

it will hold
every cramp and every tear and every
up for cross-examination
and we’ll wash the stains
back to decent
like the good laundry women

we are and have been
heaped in dirty
piles, the stuff you spilt
when boy oh boy
you didn’t speak.


Artwork by Kraichely Michael, “Dragonfly Kaleidoscope”


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