Dear Rihanna

rihanna vogue.jpg

Dear Rihanna,

I was a slack kneed and muddied good girl
Shivering with secret delight when the bear
Tore the salmon into chunky flesh food.
Yes, YES, the bear will live to see the spring.

I was so pigtailed and isn’t-she-sweet.
A no trouble in school Nat Geo girl
Stifled, wishing for some non-girl options
When I first saw you—crop-topped and holy.

Acrylic nail on a jewelled lighter.
Stilettos on a storm grate; smiling, bad.
Take three action unstitched bent knees, you were
The first girl to make me want a girl-hood.

Restored potty to mouth with prettiness
Restored bear to river with roaring.

Artwork courtesy of Vogue 

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