Petit Prince

I paint a lot of portraits. My paintings don’t really convey a message. I am not looking for a cause or a problem to be denounced. I rather feel things through. If there is a message then I am unaware of it. People often say “But Sandra, you wanted to say this or that in this painting, isn’t it ?”  I watch my own work and then begin to realize ” Yes, maybe.” But I am primarily motivated by feeling.

In 2014, I lost all my inspiration. I kept asking myself: should I stop painting? But while reading a magazine, I realized I could try collage. At first, it was just a cut-out portrait that I painted over; I wanted to do collage until the need and the desire for painting came back. But now I still do collage. I love it, to cut, paste, cut, paste…. it brings me back to my childhood. It really removes my stress. I love to associate and connect things that would never go together to create a dreamlike and poetic atmosphere in my collages.

See more of Sandra Paris’ work here

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