The End of the World Poem

By Scout Satterfield

The date for the end of the world was chosen arbitrarily.

Only a few people were listening when the announcement was made. This is to be expected because the time of the announcement corresponded to the season finale of some popular television series people had been waiting over a year for.

When the end of the world was just a few hours away, some people began to appreciate things they hadn’t before, such as doorknobs and pen caps.

When the end of the world came,
Caged birds sang and sang until their vocal chords ripped. When this happened, they became truly alone.

Some people were dressed for the event, others weren’t and when they realized they weren’t, they became embarrassed and rushed home to change.

Houseplants resented their loss of legs, and stared in want at their watering cans.

Television networks went bankrupt at their sudden severe drop in viewership, and several CEO’s threw their TVs off rooftops, and then their own bodies.

Cookies revolted when they realized they had been forgotten in their ovens, and in revenge, they burned down many a suburban neighborhood.

The piano learned to play itself but for the first time had no audience.

One man had a normal day, but became depressed over his lack of adventure.

The day after the end of the world, an emotional support group was organized to help with the trauma of the event. It was sparsely attended and it became quickly apparent that the organizers ordered way too much pizza, again.

In the world after the end of the world, liberated from persecution, spiders become sovereign.

Artwork by David Stenbeck

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