“De-structures” a Photo Series by Bolek Wanat

Bolek Wanat was born in 1980 in Cracow, Poland. For 20 years he has been associated with digital graphics and digital painting and he has also been professionally involved in artistic photography for the last 15 years.

An artist of Lemko descent, he is particularly interested in the landscapes of the Low Beskids and the Bieszczady Mountains, and he uses the camera to follow the footsteps of his ancestors every year.

One of his projects is photographing architecture, where his mission is to show details that usually escape our attention. He specializes in abstract architecture. Recently, he collaborated with the controversial painter Aga Gzyl for a joint project that transforms photographs of architecture into three-dimensional silicone images.

“De-structures are architectural images that architects do not want to see. Instead of straight lines and perfect proportions, I look for imperfections, abstractions and destruction in contemporary architecture. I want to show the structures that we usually don’t see when we’re looking from afar, not seeing details or feeding on idealized visualizations. My monochrome frames focus attention on sharp, sometimes brutal shapes. In my photographs I try to blur perspectives, and I treat the concepts of vertical and level by convention, forcing the viewer to think – what does he really see?”

Check out more of his artwork at his website.

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