Plastic Doesn’t Die

Alex Oswith still life

Dangle on my arm:

Like Dante
Like a flimsy object that can be swept
away by the wind

The era is in motion
Children who have seen too much
who don’t want to play with plastic bags
upon their eyes
Love approaching its extinction,
The only traces left are self
love or whatever they imbue in materials

Brew coffee
Just to take a picture because
You can’t handle its bitterness

Sip life in portions for
Plastic plants don’t need watering
but they do need dusting
A problem you didn’t take into account

Plants die,
and you are a child who can’t handle
more Death
You’ve already seen enough

Wash the body by parts
start with the head
that way you don’t have to look at the face
But look once more
At what was Life.
Eyelids seal:
Beauty and Laughter
Like closed cardboard boxes

Let the dust settle
Have it become the pollen of artificial flora
Then avoid this problem when people enter
This will let you instigate other problems
Problems children can deal with
While watering plastic plants



Artwork by Alex Oswith “Still Life”