My Skin My Logo

This piece is in response to my overconsumption of media and how it has both exhausted and angered me. The lyrics are lines from Kanye West’s (problematic, I know), “Black Skinhead” and the South African anti-apartheid song, “Senzenina”. The latter encapsulates my exhaustion at the attack of black bodies, how “our crime is that we are Black”. Black Skinhead captures my rage and a defiant pride in my race and skin. Black women are centered in this piece; we started the #BlackLivesMatter movement, and we support Black men and our community as a whole. I’m sick and tired of the dehumanization of Black people and the exertion of control placed on our bodies. Our skin is ours, and our bodies are our own. We are not a vessel for your hatred and insecurity. Phumakim’! (Leave me alone!) 

Simone Hadebe is a graphic designer and artist with a BSc in Studio Art from Skidmore College.

Behind the Beautiful Mask: A Collage Series by Natvipa Tejapaibul

The entertainment and fashion industries seem like wonderlands of glamour and success. But there is another side to this beautiful story. Many models and actors are physically and mentally abused and assaulted, and there is heavy exploitation of fast fashion workers in third world countries. We’re only able to grab a glimpse of the truth from the news now; there is something dark behind the appealing masks of what it takes to be and sell “beautiful” in our society.

“Nana” Natvipa Tejapaibul was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. She is a recent graduate of the Rhode Island School of Design with a BFA in Graphic Design, and is currently based in New York. See more of her work here.

Monster in My Bed & Others by Paul Anagnostopoulos

Paul Anagnostopoulos is a New York City based painter who graduated from NYU with a BFA in 2013.

“This series focuses on telling queer narratives in a similar sense to mythological legends. I use ancient imagery, patterns, and landscape to present visual representations of a memory or dream which may or may not have been experienced. Conceptually I explore intimacy as a way to celebrate tenderness and emotive actions.”

The Demon I Cling To
2019, acrylic and oil on canvas, 30 x 22 inches
Monster In My Bed
2019, acrylic and oil on canvas, 12 x 12 inches.
Don’t Have The Time For Another Lie
2019, acrylic and oil on canvas, 16 x 14 inches
Now My Heart Is Gone
2019, acrylic on wood panel, 7-7/8 x 5-7/8 inches

“Atomic Andy” a Collage Series by Emmanuel Laflamme

Emmanuel Laflamme recycle avec humour l’imagerie populaire et crée des scènes fortes de sens qui mènent autant à sourire qu’à réfléchir. À l’image des surréalistes, il conçoit des représentations dont l’impossibilité manifeste capte l’attention du spectateur. Il crée ses œuvres un peu comme un publicitaire qui n’aurait rien à vendre. Conjuguant les références culturelles, il détourne les mythes anciens et modernes pour nous servir son regard sur le monde, à la fois tendre et critique. L’absurde est son terrain de jeu, l’anachronisme est sa spécialité. Emmanuel est né en 1984 à Montréal. Artiste autodidacte, il a travaillé comme designer en dessin animé et collaboré à des projets de publicité, cinéma et jeux vidéo.

Emmanuel Laflamme recycles popular imagery with humour, creating scenes with strong meaning that lead us to smile and think. Like the surrealists, he develops representations with an apparent impossibility that captures the viewer’s attention. He creates his works like a creative director who would have nothing to sell. Combining cultural references, he diverts ancient and modern myths to serve us his perspective on the world, at once tender and critical. The absurd is his playground, the anachronism his specialty. Emmanuel was born in 1984 in Montreal. A self-taught artist, he worked as a designer on animated series and has been involved with the advertising, movie and gaming industries.  

Atomic Andy
Sky’s the Limit

Check out more artwork by Emmanuel Laflamme here

Careless & Others by Alice Mao

Alice Mao is an emerging artist in the greater Seattle area. Growing up, she admired artists such as Alphonse Mucha and Norman Rockwell, but also has more contemporary influences such as Loish and Alexander Mandradjiev. Her work explores identity, anxiety, and digital distortion, fitting for a 17-year old artist in the modern world. Her work can be found on her instagram, @alicemaoart


“Careless” explores the tension between freedom and constraint, we are free to swing, but simultaneously boxed in by blue screens.


“10– an exploration of abstraction, pattern and disease”

“Here there is a subversion of the traditional landscape painting, with a clear intervention of the digital medium.”

“Thrown Out” by Apu

Thrown Out

Apu is a 36 year old queer non-binary punk, organic gardener/farmer and collage diy artist workin’ and livin’ on a organic seed breeding farm near Bremen/northern germany. She’s creatin’ collage artwork for more than 18 years now (doin’ a lot of coops with zines, bands, solidarity projects, collectives…) and is part of a small diy art collective named Theo Collective.

“Under the name Theo, we work on projects that trigger our passion, all is diy, self made, hand bound, not perfect, but made with lots of love. Theo gives us a voice in this world & our works may be described as beautiful, but also have a touch of roughness, alternative & radical influence. The world is not perfect, and changes can already emerge from a small collage, a few words, a little book.
Our main project is publishing our hand bound Theo pocket agenda every year, for the past 8 years now. Hand bound and in a small edition. Next to that we sell some postcards & books with Apu’s collages, give workshops & support good projects if we have some leftover money.”

Learn more about Theo here:

“ADM Blijft” made in collaboration with evicted cultural freespace– ADM/Amsterdam
“Elephants Inna City”
“which way”