hansol choi 3

frozen in one place
roaming thoughts of lives elsewhere:
view from my window 

room teeming with life
people eat, laugh, talk at once:
my polaroid wall

need for affection
the warmth of quality time:
pet a virtual cat


Artwork by Hansol Choi

Invisible Family

She hands me a plate
of breakfast food she cooked at
dawn, my big sister.

He asks about my
life as he guards houses at
night, my old father.

She hugs me like she
hugs kids she’s paid to care for,
my weary mother.

Artwork by Ikegami Yoriyuki

Utopia: Haiku Series

Through unguarded streets,
curious minds take steady strides—
girl, imagine that!


Inside our snow globe,
every child is fast asleep
away from the cold.


Their hazy eyes stare
as I wear a content smile
on my warm deathbed.


Artwork by Lee Merrion

Life Ahead

Is it possible
to breathe fresh air through photos?
Asking for my kids.

Colorful ball pit
Children will hate to swim in:
A sea of plastic

A sea canary
And underwater duets
Folktale materials

“Tornado Earth,” by Ian Priest
Mixed media sculpture.

Artwork by Ian Priest

Haiku Series: Body Parts

Mud on my bare back
An open secret I grew
to love: My birthmark


Faded permanence
Captured stories, frozen time
A road map of scars


Politics aside
Visa apps are hard because
I have sweaty hands

Artwork “Limbs” by Seth Alverson, 2012

Haiku Series: Hearth

My mother’s porridge:
Bowl of memories that heals
Even the un-sick


Two melting bodies
Arms that comfort and support
A friend’s hug is home


Daily sparks of joy
Tagged Instagram photos of
Funny feline friends

Artwork by Mouni Feddag

Haiku Series: Flow

Weather Forecast

Winter of unrest
Snow fairies falling out of
The hair on my head

Natural Calamity

Solitary souls
Drowning in their burst dams but
A bathroom has ears

Body Language

Trees sway left and right
To the drumming of the rain
I too want to dance

Print by Katsushika Hokusai, “The Great Wave off Kanagawa”