hansol choi 3

frozen in one place
roaming thoughts of lives elsewhere:
view from my window 

room teeming with life
people eat, laugh, talk at once:
my polaroid wall

need for affection
the warmth of quality time:
pet a virtual cat


Artwork by Hansol Choi

This Is Not A Dream by Harshini Karunaratne

Harshini Karunaratne is a Sri Lankan-Peruvian photographer and visual designer. These works are a reflection of our current crisis as we face a new reality: “In the first image, I reflect on the romanticization of face masks. In the second, I combine shapes and colours in a dream-like way but to alert the viewer that what they’re witnessing, and experiencing, is not a dream.”


E_Steampunk gas mask profile (1).jpg

00 This is not a dream_crop-04 (1).jpg