Serenading a Wild God

By Jon Terranova
kenton nelsen charitably inclined
I passed through valleys
and fields
that swept with
golden glint,
They’d been developed
from indifferent sun rays
that kept us still

Oh! the things we forget
when we stir nerves in flux
the nonsense of day to day
bread ensconcing us numb.

the distractions, the passive
life, the bourgeois boredom
the petty holidays where they ski
and slurp,
shooting down slopes
like smirking berks

We’ve cancelled the fumes
and the arrogance of man
‘I’m in charge of my own destiny’

No, you’re not, my children
for I am!

I’m serenading a wild God
whose wrath is Cain’s blood
running through the ruthless force
of nature, and why these things
happen they ponder…?
Whilst continuing their
own selfish pursuits of

I’m serenading a wild God
and free will
is done
through his son, who
when frozen on a wooden cross,

before the spear split his side
out a cry
eloi eloi lama sabacthani!

May these dark
and hopeless times remind us
that we are not in control
and that hope lurks
only in the blood Of Christ


Artwork by Kenton Nelson

le marais

where the salads are dressed
to impress
upon a fantasy only real if you write
it yourself.

where the graffiti is kept
on low volume
american accents stumbling
on cobblestones like luggage wheels.

where a wineglass full is to be well
bread, warm to the
touch so quick to go stale,
a flat romance – paris –
festering on misunderstanding
how long the wine was
not given care.

where a fat immigrant
is parked outside
a trash can
with an awkward obligation to please
won’t you leave a smile
of a euro my wish
-full cup was fished
from the bin.


Street art by Jef Aerosol near the Centre Pompidou in Paris, France.